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Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

What we offer and Testimonials

Dyslexia Therapy boosts a person - not just their literacy!
Our Centre and our services, were endorsed by two of the great names of dyslexia –
Prof Beve Hornsby and Prof Tim Miles.
We offer assessments here at our Centre, in your own home, or in workplaces.

AJ - Dubai

AJ wanted you to know he got on the Pre-Med Course at McGill. We are, as a family, so very grateful. Being assessed at six years old saved him the years of anguish his father (with undiagnosed dyslexia) had gone through. As you know, AJ has never had a problem with confidence! Thanks again for being there for us every step of the way – GCSEs, ‘A’ levels, and Uni entrance. You guys are second to none. I could have got an assessment over here in Dubai, but it was you I trusted. I am eternally grateful.

AJ flew into Gatwick from Dubai just for a test he needed to apply for his course. We assessed him in our mobile unit and he flew back after a night at the airport hotel.

KG - London

I am a Chartered Psychologist and Head of a Consultancy - research is my job. When it came to having my son assessed, I wanted the best; someone I could trust. After a study of the market and the main players, I rang Christina Jubb. That was 3 years ago. I could not be happier with the service Access Education provide. I have since recommended the service to other people within the field of Psychology and to friends.

RH - London

We've always wanted to emigrate to Australia. My husband is a skilled electrician but he did not reach the required English standard. Before his third attempt, someone at the Embassy recommended Access Education. To cut a long story short, my husband went to the Centre and has not looked back. He was a changed man from that day. His dyslexia was taken into account. He passed. But more than that, he is happier. Our house is sold and we are off to the land of our dreams. It’s worth adding that before Access Education, he had been everywhere and done everything. A Psychologist at another nationwide Dyslexia Centre had told him years back that he would never amount to much. Despite this, he tried. All kinds of ‘cures’ have been attempted, costing a lot of money and a lot of heartache. Each time they did not work. All he needed to know was what he was dealing with and how to deal with it. Can’t thank you enough.

JD - Surrey

I was diagnosed as dyslexic 20 years ago. At the time I was at a special school and destined for the scrap heap. But my gran believed in me and paid for an assessment with Christina. I’m now happily married with a lovely little girl - and a successful business of my own. When my daughter started to show signs of dyslexia, I had no hesitation in asking Christina to assess her. I am so glad we took that decision because she is having none of the problems I had with embarrassment. She is a happy, well-adjusted young lady. Access Education are trustworthy, honest people who know what they are talking about.

AB* - Cardiff

Hey - sorry about hogging the book for so long. Kind of forgot about it. I did find it really useful in the end. I read it and liked it SO much that I decided to buy the full version and I managed to find the CD set with it as well. So I have started that now. I put the book in the post today, it should be with you soon. thanks again – Al.

* Emails from students at University