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Child Booking Form

Up to 17 years of age

Please note: You must complete your name, email and fill in the confirmation box at the bottom of this form with YES to successfully submit it.
Where would you like the assessment?
I would like a Comprehensive Educational Assessment in my home / workplace - cost £495.00
Please note appointment times may vary slightly depending on traffic conditions.
I would like a Comprehensive Educational Assessment at the
Access Education Centre in Milford on Sea, Hants - cost £395.00
Optional extra
I would like the report produced in less than five days - cost £100
(our standard time to produce a report is 10 working days)
  Your Name    
  Name of person to be assessed    
  Date of Birth  
  Age: Years     Months  
  Your Relationship to Child    
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  Fathers Occupation    
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  Number of children in family  
  Child’s position in family (e.g. first)  
  Are there any other members of the family who have difficulties with written language?  
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  Present School    
  Is it a state or private school?  
State   Private  
  Are there any special circumstances relating to school which have affected your child’s development?  
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If yes please specify below
  What is your child’s attitude to school?    
  At what age did his/her learning difficulties first come to your attention?  
  What subject areas does he/she find difficult at present?    
  What subject areas is he/she good at?    
  What is school’s attitude to child’s difficulties?    
  Has your child had help from school?  
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  If yes, was this at school or arranged privately?  
School   Private  
  Has your child had any other treatment: e.g. visits to specialists, speech centres?  
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If yes please specify below
Please post copies of any psychological assessment reports.
Dyslexia Testing Health & Development
  Birth weight  
Were there any unusual complications in early childhood?
Yes   No   If yes please specify  
Is your child’s health good at present?
Yes   No   If no please specify  
Does he/she take any regular medication?
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If Yes, please name the drug and the condition for which it is taken
Does your child suffer from any allergies?
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Has your child had any serious ailments, e.g. head injuries, fevers etc
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At what age was your child walking without help?
  Years   Months  
Does your child fidget a lot?
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Is his/her hand/eye co-ordination competent?
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Is your child good at games and sports?
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Is your child left or right handed?
Left   Right  
Does he/she switch implements from
hand to hand?
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Are there any left handers in the
immediate family?
Yes   No  
If so, who?
What age did your child begin to talk?
  Years   Months  
Is English the only language spoken at home?
Yes   No   If no please specify  
Does he/she find any speech sounds difficult to make?
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Does he/she express ideas clearly in words?
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Is your child forgetful of a list of instructions?
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Is your child forgetful of where he/she has left things?
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Does your child have attention and concentration difficulties?
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Have your child’s eyes been tested?
Yes   No  
If yes, is vision within normal limits?
Yes   No  
If no, please give details of any problems
Has your child’s hearing been tested?
Yes   No  
If yes, is hearing within normal limits?
Yes   No  
If no, please give details of any problems
Dyslexia Testing Difficulties and Symptoms
  Please describe briefly the difficulties as they are now and your reason for seeking an assessment at this point    
Where did you hear about Access Education?
Please confirm you have completed this form by typing YES, in capital letters, into the box provided. I have completed this form, where appropriate, and it is to the best of my knowledge accurate.

After you submit this form, the next page you will see will confirm your details have been sent.
Finally, could you please...
  • Post us copies of any prior dyslexia assessments
  • If requesting a home / workplace visit, please enclose local directions
Once the booking form and background history form are received, the appointment will be secured. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date for the appointment.

Cancelling an Appointment
If a client cannot attend a scheduled appointment, we ask that they call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Missed appointments for reasons other than emergencies will be billed at the full rate.
Cancelling Tutorials
One term's notice is required (or one term's fees in lieu of notice).

Urgent Reports
If a report is needed urgently, (within 5 days), this can be arranged at a modest extra cost.

Lost Reports
If clients have lost their reports, these can be copied, re-signed and sent to you at a cost of £15.
Allergies (Atopia)
These can often be a problem for many people we see at the Centre. Can we ask that you bear this in mind and refrain from using perfumed sprays or hair gels etc on the day of testing of if attending tutorials. We use only natural products within the Centre; no 'plug-in' chemical air fresheners or spray polishes.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and co-operation.